4G WiFi Panorama Camera Bulb

4G WiFi Panorama Camera Bulb


With the new 4g WIFI Panorama Camera it is easy to achieve real-time remote viewing from your phones and computers.

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1. Pixel: 1080P (2MP high resolution picture quality)
2.3G 4G wireless 360 degree panoramic White light bulb camera
3. Network connection: 3G 4G SIM card network connection and wireless network connection (remote monitoring)
4. Local network connection: AP hotspot connection (close-range monitoring)
5.360 degrees panoramic view;1.44mm wide angle fisheye lens;
6.Two-way audio voice intercom;Built-in microphone and speaker,choose listen/talk over smartphone APP
7. Support motion detection alarm (push alarm information through mobile APP)
8. APP support for Android users and for iOS users to download
8. Support up to 64GB SD card (excluding card)
9.Very easy for operation & installation.
10. Support a variety of display modes (stereoscopic scroll mode, traditional mode, mixed mode, corridor mode, panoramic inverted mode), supporting multiple people to watch online at the same time



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