Wireless Camera Live Stream Video Smart Wall Clock

Wireless Camera Live Stream Video Smart Wall Clock


Looks like it is a clock. That is what all of you initially thought. However, that is not as simple. Inside, there is a camera hidden. This item would be perfect for people who want to ensure safety in their houses or offices. For this review, Camera Wireless IP Security Camera 1080P HD Live Stream Video Smart Wall Clock with Motion Detection Alarm will be observed to provide more information about the item.

This smart clock is featured by a wireless IP camera that can stream videos live. It is also equipped with motion alarm with detection distance of 10 meters for better performance. Additionally, with 1080P WIFI IP camera, you will be able to watch live recording via your smartphone or take screenshots in high resolution through any of those apps: MU CAM or IMinICam. The smart clock can also be connected to your PC or laptop.

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The WIFI distance is up to 10 meters so take it into account when mounting. There is a possibility of alarm notice via Email Photo or FTP Photo. The camera films in H.264 video format to ensure maximum compatibility. Furthermore, it has a 110-degree pinhole Len that ensures wide monitoring range of 20-40square meters. The device supports a remote playback. Additionally, the item is IP65 waterproof.

In case you would like to save some of the recordings, you can install a micro SD card of up to 64GB. Moreover, the clock still records even while it is charging. The battery capacity of 2500mAh ensures 6-8 hours of uninterrupted working.

The clock comes with a camera, USB Cable, a charger, and a CD for recordings. Everything you need is there, you just need to set it up.

This clock is suitable for houses and offices as it offers a lot of great features. With the possibility of remote control and live video you can always obtain up-to-date information about what is happening in your house. Additionally, the camera delivers videos of high quality and wide monitoring range. With this mysterious clock, you can always be sure your home is safe.


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