GSM LTE Analog Two-way Radios

GSM LTE Analog Two-way Radios

Gateway/Repeater Functions.

  • Unique for: security guard, construction site, government, bank, hospital, restaurant, hotel, university and international institutions.
  • Popular for: airport, railway, army, rescue, police, outdoor adventure, logistics, taxi, truck, camping, travelling, big shopping mall, big hotel and outdoor events.



1. Analog UHF or VHF +3G network
2. Can realize mixed-mode communications
3. Setting mode priority
4. Gateway (repeater function)
A. Realize the communication between IP and analog radios
B. solution to achieve analog radios talking range unlimited
5. SOS alarm
6. GPS location sharing with SOS
7. Supports group call, p2p call, quick call, emergency call

Quick details:
Weight (body): 320g
Size: (H) 38 x (W) 58 x (L) 135mm
LCD display: 160*128 pixels
Battery capacity: 7.4V/2800mAh
IP frequency: 4G LTE
2G GSM900/1800 3G UMTS900/2100MHz or 2G GSM850/1900 3GUMTS850/1900MHz
Analog frequency: VHF 136-174 OR VHF 240-260MHz OR UHF:400-480MHz
Talk range: unlimited
GPS and APRS: yes
Group call: yes
Private call: yes
Friends call: yes
Emergency call: yes (panic button)


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