BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices

BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices


Microphones, bugs and dictaphones
“BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices” Jammer

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The new flagship of the well-proven in suppressants series “BugHunter DAudio”, created on the basis of the low-end model “bda-1.” The new device is equipped with speech-like acoustic silencer in addition to the ultrasonic generator noise. Due to this, as well as the updated component base suppressor guarantees the protection of all existing types of listening devices with microphones, whether mobile phones, wired, wireless and laser microphones or professional recorders.
Suppressor is 5 emitters, distributing generated Copyright algorithm ultrasonic signal, and a speaker with adjustable volume of acoustic noise. If you turn off the acoustic interference device switches to silent mode and can be used discreetly. It has a unique feature! Special “Turbo Mode” provides the most effective suppression microphones.


Scope: lock all the known bugs, mobile phones (GSM, 3G, 4G, CDMA, etc.), wired radio and directional microphones, tape recorders (including professional), etc.
Acoustic pressure: not less than 120 dB (within a radius of 1 meter from the suppressor)
The radius of the effective suppression of microphones: 2 to 7 meters
Dimensions: 150 x 92 x 28 mm
Weight: 270 g (with battery)
Types of interference generated by:
-ultrazvukovaya (silent);
Power supply: built-in battery / mains from 220
Voltage (on battery power): 12
Battery capacity: 1200 mAh
Battery indicator: 4-tier system:
-Green LED lights;
-Green LED flashes once per second;
-Green LED 2 flashes per second;
-Green LED is off.
Operating temperature (range): +5 to + 55 ° C
Maximum allowable humidity of 98% (at 25 ° C)


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