Automatic Gate Barrier

Automatic Gate Barrier

A. Steady function, sensitive reaction, low noise

B. The surface is shaped by 13 process flow and use import paint. Excellent rust-proof, waterproof ability.

C. High sensitive limit switch, barrier boom can be an instant turn on and off, accurate location.

D. The control system adopts hi-tech digital chip technology.

E. The anti-collision function, protecting the passenger

F. The inductive function, with the digital vehicle detector

G. Three open speed, 1.5s, 2-4s, and 6s. The barrier is provided with a remote controller, manual button, and digital vehicle detector



Voltage: 220V(110V)

Frequency: AC 50/60HZ

Power: 80W

Length: ≤ 6m

Switching speed: 1.5-5S

Working temperature: -40~+110°C

Protection class: IP45

Shell Material: A3 steel

Shell thickness: 2.0mm

Surface handle: Import paint

Open method: Read card, remote control, manual button

Remote control distance: 10-60m

Weight of barrier: 50KG

Automatic Gate Barrier Dimension: 340*280*1020mm (L*W*H)


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