6 kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

6 kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher


A:common solid materials.
B:flammable liquids.
C:flammable gas & vapors.
E:electrical equipment’s.

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1. Fire- extinguishing a b c e dry powder. Agent:nh4h2po4 75%, (nh4)2so4 15%.
2. Fire rating: 3a, 89b.
3. Driving gas: nitrogen 1.2mpa (20c).
4. Working temperature: -20c-+55c.
5. Hydraulic pressure test: 2:1mpa.
6. Regular inspection: inspect at last twice a month. When the pressure is found lower than the green belt or the lead sealing is incomplete. Alternatively, it is open, it must be sent to the qualified manufacture for maintenance and refilling.

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